Thursday, April 16, 2009

High School

Who can forget high school? That time when hormones run wild, friendships are made, first dates, etc. Then there were the classes attended, English, algebra, biology and phys ed. And there were the extra classes. FBLA, band and JA.
The last is where teenagers form a company and run it. Products are developed, mnufactured and marketed. Of course everyone wanted to be the President, or do the fun things like selling and marketing. No one wanted to be the accountant or the manufacturing. Those were the last tasks chosen.
Of course, the teaches would have to throw a problem into the works, this was to test problem solving skills. Issues that would have to be dealt with. Some people on the team would ask questions to figure out how to solve the problem, others would try to ignore it. Find other things that need to be done.
The marketing department figures it is not a marketing issue, so they will continue to come up with catch phrases and buzzwords. Nevermind the problem has caused their product to have lost value. But that is not part of marketing, someone else can deal with it, besides we have just created a wonderful tri-fold.
Even though this has stirred some horrible memories for some, it still goes on today. And, I don't mean in high school, but in board rooms. Instead of finding a solution, let's create more work and spreadsheets, and the issue will eventually get solved......soon.
People wonder why the economy is having issues. If something seems too good to be true, it isn't. If there is a problem with a product, sell it anyway and just let people know it will be great.......soon

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